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Hotel Ampefy

Hotel Ampefy

Auberge de la belle vue

It is in a landscape composed of fields, chains of mountains, and diversified vegetations that the Auberge de la Belle Vue is nested. The establishment has been adorned with warm tropical colours which are blending into the rustic landscape. The six bungalows located at the back of the restaurant makes up a hamlet surrounded by a garden full of flowers, while the three rooms located on the floor of the main building includes a balcony with a panoramic view. The modern comfort is provided in each lodge. The restaurant serves an authentic cuisine with local flavours, such as fish, duck, a,d the indispensable dish of “ravitoto” au coco, prepared with ground cassava leaves.

Kavitaha Hotel

The Kavitaha Hotel is an establishment located on the edge of an eponymous lake in Ampefy. It is stretched over a one –hectare domain, with a garden and a park suitable for walks. Many buildings are scattered in the heart of this domain. They comprise lots of comfortable rooms and suites, most of which are offering of the Lake of Kavitaha. The establishment also has a beautiful swimming pool which gives calm and relaxation. The restaurant of the Kavitaha Hotel has a terrace which faces the canopy of Ampefy. A varied cuisine is served there. The Kavitaha Hotel is however famous for its homemade recipes, such as the dishes prepared with freshly caught fish and the wild duck marinated in various Malagasy spices.

La Chaumière de l’Itasy Hotel

You are to make your reservations at La Chaumière de l’Itasy Hotel in advance for a successful holiday in Ampefy.  Nested in a volcanic landscape, it offers a panorama at 360° on the Lake of Itasy. The establishment offers a direct way to the Ilôt de la Vierge, a very popular touristic site in that area. La Chaumière de l’Itasy Hotel offers eight bungalows built with traditional materials. The lodges offer the essential comfort for all types of stays, while the restaurant serves a menu of Malagasy specialities. The dishes are concocted with the local produce. Here the sunset is always a magic show!

La Terrasse d’Ampefy Inn

A renowned inn in the market town of Ampefy, La Terrasse d’Ampefy Inn can be erached easily. Built in a traditional style, this inn has ten double and family bungalows with private terraces. The Lake of Kavitaha is used as a backdrop to its exotic panorama. Th bungalows are equipped with private sanitations with hot water. The restaurant of La Terrasse d’Ampefy Inn gives the opportunity to taste the typical dishes of the area or those of the other areas in Madagascar. La Terrasse d’Ampefy Inn has an annexe at less than 10 kilometres from the centre of the village. It has established next to a brown beach where you can set for a picnic as often as you wish.

Le Relais de la Vierge Hotel

Le Relais de la Vierge Hotel is an establishment located at two kilometres from Ampefy. Putting at the disposal of the visitors two types of accommodation, it has ten bungalows and six rooms. The comfort and the conviviality are omnipresent in this authentic environment. The restaurant of Le Relais de la Vierge Hotel has 100 place settings. Another corner of catering service has been set by the Lake of Itasy. To brighten up the stay of the residents, Le Relais de la Vierge Hotel has a vast playground as well as a swimming-pool. Le Relais de la Vierge Hotel is also a quality transit lounge for business trips. It rents out a large room for seminars and professional meetings.


El Lengilo está situado en Ampefy, entre colinas y espacios boscosos. Lugar propicio al extrañamiento, el hotel cuenta 15 habitaciones y cabañas, dispuestas en una pendiente suave. El Lengilo dispone también de una piscina garantizando una relajación máxima. El Lengilo se dota de un restaurante bien aireado poniendo una cincuentena de cubiertos. Unas mesas están estructuradas en las dos terrazas con pisos. A unos kilómetros alrededor, los paseos de naturaleza son en su colmo. El parque de lémures en Katsaoka es entre otros un rodeo inevitable. Una excursión por la Cáscada de la Lily  puede también contemplarse en cambio de la estancia.

Alberga Loharanosoa chez Jacky

Es en un ambiente florecido, particularmente atrayendo a Ampefy que se sitúa la Alberga Loharanosoa chez Jacky. El establecimiento de encanto dispone de una decena de cabañas confortables, podiendo acoger a dos a cuatro personas. Casando ambiente bucólico y verdura, la alberga se quiere ser en perfecta harmonía con la naturaleza. Los residentes de la Alberga Loharanosoa chez Jacky tienen el privilegio de probar a la gastronomía local finamente preparada por el jefe con manos hábiles. El establecimiento dispone además de su propio bar con plazas sentadas. Aquí, la decoración hace bosque natural ofrece un sello singular en la Alberga Loharanosoa chez Jacky.

Ampefy : la splendeur d’un paysage volcanique

Le village de toutes les légendes, tel est l’appellation que nous donnerons à cet endroit atypique situé à 120 kilomètres d’Antananarivo, la capitale de Madagascar.

Le charme d’un village traditionnel

Depuis de XVIIe siècle, Ampefy est une destination prisée des Malgaches en quête d’aventure et de repos au cœur d’une diversité incomparable. À seulement deux heures de route de la capitale, cette ville volcanique a su conserver son paysage d’entant à travers les maisons au style traditionnel et ses sites de découverte qui sont restés intacts au fil des années. Vivant de l’agriculture, mais surtout de la pêche, les villageois fort sympathiques vous accueilleront dans un environnement d’hospitalité où l’on a l’impression d’y avoir passé toute sa vie.

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