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Extension westward after crossing the Tsiribihina

From Antananarivo to Morondava, the changing landscapes and the diversity of the population bring a unique cachet to the tour. The tourists in search of authenticity will be delighted by that.

Day 1 :
Paris - Antananarivo
Day 2 : Antananarivo - Antsirabe
Day 3 : Antsirabe - Miandrivazo
Day 4 : Miandrivazo – Masiakampy – Start crossing  down the Tsiribihina
Day 5 :
Begidro –Ambatomisaina
Day 6 :
Ambatomisaina – Belo sur Tsiribihina – Bekopaka
Day 7 :
Bekopaka – Small Tsingy – Bekopaka
Day 8 :
Bekopaka – Conquering the Big Tsingy – Bekopaka 
Day 9 :
Bekopaka – Morondava
Day 10 :
Morondava – Antananarivo
Day 11 :
Antananarivo – Paris

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Day 1 : Paris – Antananarivo
On your arrival at the international airport of Ivato, our team will welcome you and take you to your hotel. The guide will give you a briefing on your stay in Madagascar.
Night and breakfast in the hotel

Day 2 : Antananarivo – Antsirabe
From the airport of Ivato, at our departure for the town of Antsirabe, the charm of the landscape will fill us with strong emotions. All along the road, the ricefields alternate with the villages with small houses made up of red soil, the zebu-driven carts, and the farmers ploughing their land with traditional tools, which is a show that our eyes will enjoy tirelessly. A small stopover at Ambatolampy, for the inevitable visit to the workshop of ironwork.
In Antsirabe, the colonial architecture of the buildings will plunge us into a very particular atmosphere. In this town, the walks around the surrounding rural areas will offer us a large breath of fresh air.
Night and breakfast in the hotel

Day 3 : Antsirabe - Miandrivazo
After Antsirabe, heading for Miandrivazo by following the RN34 road. A road full of charm, with very changing landscapes. Up to Betafo, it’s the green setting of the countryside which predominates. And then, little by little, the green setting leaves room to a dry savannah where a few isolate trees stand. Bee-eaters and tolohos brighten up the journey.
Night and breakfast in the hotel

Day 4 : Miandrivazo – Masiakampy – Start crossing  down the Tsiribihina
We will run along the 30 kilometres’ track between Miandrivazo and Masiakampy to reach the riverside of Mahajilo where our barge is waiting for us. On this first day of our mini-cruise across the Tsiribihina River, we will enjoy seeing the beauty of the landscapes through which we are passing. The deep gorges are shelters for lots of animal and plant species. Then, our arrival at Anosinampela will give us the opportunity to enjoy the superb waterfall which flows down from the calcareous cliff to reach a natural pool.
Full board on the camping site

Day 5 : Begidro –Ambatomisaina
When leaving Begidro, the second day of our journey across the Tsiribihina River will start with the view of the ballet of the canoeists punctuated with their laughter and the “Salama” (a very familiar word for the Malagasy people to greet each other) shouted out loud by the people on the riverside. We will also see comb ducks, couas, herons or else the kingfishers which populate this region.
Full board on the camping site

Day 6 : Ambatomisaina – Belo sur Tsiribihina – Bekopaka
The last days on the river are all a great occasion to discover the life in the villages which border the river. We will then disembark at Antsiraraka, and after, we will continue toward Belo sur Tsiribihina. To stretch our legs a bit, we will have a visit to this small market town which is very important for the Sakalava living in the region of Menabe because the Bathing of Relics or the Fitampoha is carried out there. We will then reach Bekopaka.
Dinner and night in the hotel

Day 7 : Bekopaka – Small Tsingy – Bekopaka
The National Park of the Tsingy of Bemaraha has been listed as a UNESCO world heritage in 1990. It is a massif of calcareous rocks which took shape some 5 million years ago. The landscapes which were formed from it are just spectacular. These millions of years of erosions shaped cutting rocky edges and deep canyons where some primary forests shelter endemic plant species and lots of lemur species. We will then start with the visit to the Small Tsingy, which will be preceded by a canoe ride across the gorge of Manambolo where some caves can also be seen there, provided that we respect some taboos.
Dinner and night in the hotel
Day 8 : Bekopaka – Conquering the Big Tsingy – Bekopaka
The second day at Bekopaka will be spent visiting the Big Tsingy. Reaching the summit of the Big Tsingy demands quite some good lungs and a good physical condition. This walk would reveal us a beautiful panoramic view. Return to the hotel.
Dinner and night in the hotel
Day 9 : Bekopaka – Morondava
All along the track which leads us to Morondava, we will pass by the famous Baobab Avenue. We will have a stopover there for the inevitable traditional photo shooting at the feet of these majestic trees. We will then continue toward Morondava. We will take the time to appreciate the nightlife which is so particular in such coastal cities of Madagascar.
Night and breakfast in the hotel
Day 10 : Morondava – Antananarivo
If the departure hour of the flight back to Antananarivo gives us the time for a stroll, we will visit this town with its sandy streets, its bustling market. Then we will go to the airport.
Night and breakfast in the hotel
Day 11 : Antananarivo – Paris
Schedule permitting, we will have a walk in the town centre before getting back to the international airport of Ivato. Taking off for Paris.
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  • The double room during the stay
  • The license and the taxes for the stay
  • The breakfasts
  • The visits mentioned in the schedule
  • The crossing of the river with full board from Masiakampy to Belo sur Tsiribihina (3 days and 2 nights on camping) and a bottle of mineral water per person every day
  • Camping equipment: tent, mattress, sleeping bags, pillow
  • Guide and cooking aid
  • Canoe excursion on the gorge of Manambolo
  • Visit to the National Park of the Tsingy of Bemaraha and the guiding fees
  • The parking along the Baobab Avenue
  • The all-terrain vehicle from Antananarivo to Miandrivazo
  • Transfer from Miandrivazo to Masiakampy
  • The all-terrain vehicle from Belo sur Tsiribihina to Morondava
  • The fuel
  • Visit to the Rova of Ambohimanga and the guiding fees
  • The transfers from and back to the airport

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  • The lunches and the dinners, apart from those offered on the barge across the Tsiribihina and the diner at Bekopaka
  • The mineral water (apart from those offered during the crossing) and the other drinks
  • The visits labelled with “possibility of /available if time permitting”
  • The international and the local flights
  • The extras
  • All services not mentioned in “the price includes”
  • The possible tips