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Ankarafantsika, caves of Anjohibe and Majunga

The Malagasy west coast houses beautiful samples of the national parks of the island. At less than 500 kilometers from the capital, the Park of Ankarafantsika is the keystone of a tour Antananarivo- Mahajanga. The beaches of the one of the Malagasy biggest cities are also pretexts for escape. Zoom on a journey full of discoveries.

Day 1 :
Antananarivo - Ankarafantsika
Day 2 :
Day 3 :
Ankarafantsika Mahajanga
Day 4 :
Day 5 :
Day 6 :
Mahajanga - Antananarivo

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Day  1 : Antananarivo - Ankarafantsika
After a night spent in a hotel in Antananarivo, the tourists will feel relaxed as they head for Ankarafantsika. If they leave quite early in the morning, they will arrive at the park at the beginning of the afternoon. To punctuate their trip before the arrival, some travelers spend a few hours having some picnic along the mythical rivers that run alongside this legendary route.
Ankarafantsika displays a mosaic of forests alternating density and drought. There birds and lemurs can move about freely. At 114 kilometers from Mahajanga, the site is included in Boeny region. There are lots of discovery activities to try such as canoe touring along the sacred Lake of Ravelobe and meeting the nocturnal birds that are living there. They will spend the night in some picturesque bungalows.

Day  2 : Ankarafantsika
The breakfast is served within the park itself where fine chief cooks concoct Malagasy and international dishes. The first visit can be done over the desert canyons of Ankarokaroka. Some visitors may prefer spending their morning at the sanctuary of lemurs, accessible via the famous Coquerelli track.
After lunch, they will continue with two hours’ route towards Mahajanga. Immediately they will settle at the hotel on their arrival in town.

Day  3 : Ankarafantsika Mahajanga
The morning in Mahajanga will be wholly spent visiting the city and its attractions. The port, the cathedral, the giant baobab planted in the middle of a crossroads of the famous seaside or “Bord”, which is also the symbol of the town, are all must-see places. The big marketplace of Mahabibo concentrates the majority of the town’s shopping facilities. Craft is widespread over the city; the visitors can find wicker items that they can bring home as souvenirs from their journey in Mahajanga. The ledge and its beautiful panorama invite to escape. A good night at the hotel crowns it all.

Day  4 : Mahajanga
The local population is known for its cocooning hand. The visitors make the most of a halt to try the diverse massages proposed in recognized establishments.
The hikes in the primary forest of Antsanitia show alternately a tropical dry forest and a secondary forest. The baobab grows among a range of medicinal plants.
They can also extend their excursions to Katsepy, an authentic island reachable only by the sea. On the elbow of the Betsiboka and the Mozambique Channel, this destination still livens up with certain traditions of the people in the Middle West, the first immigrant peoples.
Atrema Park is an attraction by itself in Katsepy. In the site of the lighthouse live the lemurs. A breeding center for crocodiles and boars is also open to visitors. They can spend the night there, in a hotel located at 1 kilometer from the village or stay at the restaurateurs’ or the inhabitants.

Day  5 : Mahajanga
The last day in Mahajanga will be spent, inter alia, in Amborovy, “the” must-see seaside resort. The red circus, the “Grand Pavois” and the site of the Petite Plage are licked by the calm sea throughout the year.
Day  6 : Mahajanga Antananarivo

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