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The South, Tana to Toliary

The South of the Big Island is characterized by a large diversity of landscapes, but also by a warm and hospitable cosmopolitan population. A destination to be absolutely discovered.

Day 1 :
Paris - Antananarivo
Day 2 : Antananarivo - Antsirabe
Day 3 :
Antsirabe - Ambositra - Ranomafana
Day 4 : Ranomafana - Fianarantsoa
Day 5 : Fianarantsoa - Ambalavao - Ranohira
Day 6 :
Day 7 : Ranohira – Toliary
Day 8 : Toliary – Antananarivo 
Day 9 :
Antananarivo – Paris

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Day 1 : Paris - Antananarivo
Our tea will offer you a warm welcome on your arrival at the airport of Ivato.  Schedule permitting, the details of the holiday will be immediately described to you. If the plane arrives quite late in the night, the briefing will be done the day after.
Night and breakfast in the hotel

Day 2 : Antananarivo - Antsirabe
We will leave quite early for Antsirabe in order to have the time for some stopovers all along the road. The inevitable stage is Ambatolampy, known not only for its workshop of aluminium pots and kitchen utensils, but also for its horse farming, which are among the ones still existing in the Big Island. Then, arrival in Antsirabe, where the time seems to be suspended on its buildings of a colonial style, which gives it a particular charm.
Night and breakfast in the hotel

Day 3 : Antsirabe - Ambositra - Ranomafana
Between Antsirabe and Ranomafana, there are 224 kilometres of magnificent landscapes. It is impossible to remain indifferent when seeing sculptures on wood and the items needed in daily activities, which are made with an exceptional skill in the city of Ambositra. It’s the occasion to take plenty of souvenirs there before continuing the journey toward the National Park of Ranomafana. It’s a sempervirente forest to the delight of the botanists but also for all those who like the nature.
Night and breakfast in the hotel

Day 4 : Ranomafana - Fianarantsoa
Before continuing the journey for Fianarantsoa, we will have a moment of relaxation in the hot waters of the thermal springs located in the park. Then, heading for the capital of the Betsileo area. All along the road, our look will be attracted by the terraced ricefields and the green hills. Fianarantsoa has an exceptional historical heritage. To realize that, it is necessary to go to the upper city constructed in the era of Queen Ranavalona I. We will also see the Cathedral of Ambozontany.
Night and breakfast in the hotel

Day 5 : Fianarantsoa - Ambalavao - Ranohira
We will leave Fianarantsoa behind us and continue on the RN7 road until we reach Ambalavao. Being a small quiet city, Ambalavao is bustling during the market day, when the inhabitants of the surrounding villages come there to do their shopping, sell their pottery and their basketworks. But Ambalavao is also one of the biggest zebu markets of Madagascar where the Bara shepherds come to sell their cattle. After a walk in the market, we will head for Ranohira, by following a road where the granitic rocks offer spectacular forms to us.
Night and breakfast in the hotel
Day 6 : Ranohira
From Ranohira, we will reach the National Park of Isalo. As soon as we come to the entrance of the park, we will bury ourselves into another universe. The Bara ethnic group bury their deceased there in the caves located on the high ground. While the landscape seems arid, some green oases, with an abundance of plants, appear in the midst of the canyons. Lots of natural pools give us the opportunity to take a reviving bath before conquering the arid, dry valleys.
Night and breakfast in the hotel

Day 7 : Ranohira – Toliary
The landscape is changing progressively as we are journeying toward Toliary. Euphorbiaceae and baobabs will appear in a dry savannah. The road is sometimes overrun by herds of zebus. We will go across the village of Ilakaka, the city of the sapphire. At the entrance of Toliary, we will visit the Arboretum of Antsokay where we will discover the rare endemic plants of this area and some others of Madagascar.
Night and breakfast in the hotel
Day 8 : Toliary – Antananarivo
Depending on the departure hour of the flight which will take us back to Antananarivo, we will have a stroll in the shell market and buy some delicate necklaces and other craftworks which characterize Toliary. We will also go to the town market to immerse ourselves into the picturesque atmosphere which reigns there.
Night and breakfast in the hotel
Day 9 : Antananarivo – Paris
In Antananarivo, a free time before the flight for Paris. However, if we suddenly decided so, we would do dome shopping in the market of the “Digue” or continue the walk to the upper city of Antananarivo. A way of prolonging the holiday a little bit. Transfer to the airport and return flight.
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