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Hotel Joffreville

Hotel Joffreville

The Domaine de Fontenay

A port of call for a holiday in the region of DIANA, the Domaine de Fontenay is located at a few minutes’ drive from the airport. Its key-point establishment is one of its major assets. Set in a beautiful tropical garden, this hotel shelters some of the rare animal species of Madagascar. Being a hundred-year-old, the turtle Galileo is the icon of the visits to that site. Its rooms are of meticulous comfort for the holidays with family or in pairs. Single room, suites and units for families coming with children are available here. Every room is equipped with an air-conditioning convenience, a cable television, and a wi-fi connection.

L’Hôtellerie du Monastère

An area full of flowers and scents houses L’Hôtellerie du Monastère in Joffreville. The rooms have been arranged so as to let the residents to enjoy a superb view of the peninsula of Diego- Suarez. As a backdrop, the Mozambique Canal, the Cape of Amber, and the Indian Ocean form one of the most idyllic pictures to be immortalized. L’Hôtellerie du Monastère includes a charming souvenir shop to satisfy all your cravings for shopping as you are on holiday in Joffreville. The bungalows nested at the entrance of the natural park of the Amber Mount allow reaching the strategic sites by trekking. To extend the pleasure of the visits, the residents can rent a vehicle to drive to Diego-Suarez.

The Nature Lodge Ambre Hotel

The Nature Lodge Ambre Hotel is set in the very heart of the national park of the Amber Mount in Joffreville. Located at about thirty kilometres from Diego-Suarez, this haven of rest allows the full change of scenery with its dozen bungalows of 35 square metres. The site is here optimised to better satisfy the residents. Every bungalow comprises a very soft bed, a private bathroom, and a balcony decorated thoroughly with original pieces of furniture. Complex is chosen for its proximity to the most visited sites of the park. The restaurant overlooks the canopy while the bar serves tropical cocktails of exquisite taste. The excursions scheduled to be started at the hotel are available for an all-in package price or according to the option taken by the residents.

The Litchi Tree

The Litchi Tree is a guest house whose charming architecture conquers at first sight. Located lower down from the Amber Mount, this site is in harmony with the green nature of Joffrevillle and has all the necessary comfortable conveniences for a perfect short stay or long holiday. With its restaurant set to face the Mozambique Canal and the peninsula of Diego-Suarez, the Litchi Tree combines escape for the taste buds and unbelievably good panorama. Here the dishes are rich in local ingredients and call to the journey of the senses in the north of Madagascar, but also in Africa. The succulent drinks of the black continent punctuate the meals taken at the restaurant of the Litchi Tree.

Joffreville, aux pieds de la montagne d’Ambre

A une trentaine de kilomètres seulement de Diégo-Suarez, ce petit village à l’accent colonial bénéficie d’un climat relativement frais, propice pour l’exploration de la montagne d’Ambre.

Joffreville, une atmosphère vivifiante

Séduit par son climat frais en raison de son altitude de 800 mètres et de sa proximité, le maréchal Joffre, alors commandant militaire de la région de Diégo-Suarez, fonda le village de Joffreville dans un site particulièrement verdoyant au pied de la Montagne d’Ambre, au tout début du XXeme siècle. Aujourd’hui relativement conservé, le village est une destination agréable, surtout pendant les poussées de chaleur des saisons estivales.

La montagne d’Ambre, une colline verdoyante au cœur d’une région semi-aride

Le Parc National de la montagne d’Ambre est situé à moins de 5 kilomètres du village de Joffreville. Créé en 1958, il s’agit du premier parc naturel de la Grande Île, d’une superficie de 18200 hectares et culminant à 1475 mètres d’altitude. Véritable sanctuaire de la nature, le parc recèle une faune et une flore tropicale très importante, comme ses 7 espèces de lémuriens, dont les lémurs de Sanfor ou les lémurs couronnés. On peut également y recenser au moins 75 espèces d’oiseaux, dont 35 endémiques comme le Pygargue qui a une envergure de 2 mètres. Lors des promenades dans le parc, les voyageurs pourront remarquer les nombreuses cascades dont celle d’Antomboka, d’une hauteur de 80 mètres.