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Hotel Andringitra

Hotel Andringitra

Le Tsara Camp

Located not far from the National Park of Andringitra, Le Tsara Camp puts at the disposal of its guests fifteen tents. Being in perfect harmony with the wild environment of the Massif of Tsararano, this Hotel is a sanctuary for the rest. The tents are 16 metres square. They include a double bed or two single beds, an open-air bathroom with hot water and a washbasin. It’s in a setting worthy of a western adventure that Le Tsara Camp organizes trekkings and other different excursions all over routes of many tens of kilometres in the National Park of Andringitra. The latter actually houses 14 lemur species, more than 50 reptile species, and more than a thousand endemic plant species.

Tranogasy Guesthouse

The Tranogasy Guesthouse is located at less than 50 km from the province of Fianarantsoa. It is in a green setting bathing into the calm that this guesthouse receives its visitors with its eight rooms offering a view of the National Park of Andringitra. The Tranogasy Guesthouse has adopted an architecture inspired from the traditional houses of the Betsileo region which perfectly blends with the wild environment of the site. The hotel also has a restaurant with an atypical charm offering a traditional cuisine, with the possibility to taste delicious dishes outdoors while sitting down at the tables and on the chairs in stone in order to be captivated by an atmosphere of the change of scenery.

Tsarasoa Lodge

Established in the west side of the National Park of Andringitra, the Tsarasoa Lodge is an accommodation structure nested in a range of exceptional landscapes. Departure point for trekkings over a territory composed of canyons and forests, this hotel offers three types of accommodation: the rustic bungalows, the round huts built up with trodden earth and covered with thatch, and a camping site. In addition, the restaurant of the Tsarasoa Lodge serves a rustic cuisine concocted with local fresh bio produce within its stone-wall dining-room which is in harmony with its furniture in raw granite.

Varangue Betsileo

The Varangue Betsileo is a small hotel offering some guestrooms, at a few kilometres’ drive southward from Ambalavao. Established next to the entrance of the Natural Reserve of Anjà, this hotel has five carefully decorated rooms each of which can house up to five persons. The lodges provide essential comfort and offer a remarkable view of the mountains which characterize the south part of Madagascar. The dinning room of the restaurant at Varangue Betsileo set in a cosy atmosphere is available for the guests. This structure is overhung by a terrace which overlooks a garden full of flowers and an outdoor swimming pool. The Varangue Betsileo is a suitable hotel for those on holiday with family.

Les randonnées au cœur de l’Andringitra

L’Andringitra, ce massif granitique d’Ambalavaovous accueille dans un climat doux et une nature verdoyante prompte aux randonnées, trekking,  escalade et découvertes en tous genres.

Le massif de l’Andringitra

Faisant office de barrière topographique entre le versant océanique et continental du littoral du sud-est malgache, le massifde l’Andringitra est dotéd’un climat d’altitude agréable pendant toute l’année. La nature contrastée dans laquelle baigne son parc national lui confère toutes ses lettres de noblesse.Découvrez ce lieu mystique de la région Haute-Matsiaka (ancienne province de Fianarantsoa) situé à 47 kilomètres de la ville d’Ambalavao. La période idéale pour y aller se situe entre le mois de mars et novembre.

Le Parc National de L’Andringitra

Situé sur un plateau cristallin de 31.160 Ha, le Parc National de l’Andringitra est doté d’une grande richesse géologique. La chaîne de rochers aux pics aiguisés qui surplombent le relief fait la particularité du relief. La centaine de kilomètres de piste aménagéeoccasionne les randonnées et trekkings pour découvrir les grottes repères des voleurs de zébus, les milliers d’espèces d’orchidées ou pour aller à la rencontre des habitants de haute altitude. Cinq types de circuits de randonnées allant de 4 heures à deux jours,y sont organisés.