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Hotel Ranohira

Hotel Ranohira

Chez Berny Hotel

Established in the Massif of Isalo, Chez Berny Hotel is a hotel establishment located at eight kilometers from Ranohira. This hotel has 15 accommodations including three double rooms and a family room in its ancient building. Its new building made up of granite comprises nine standard rooms and two family rooms. Chez Berny Hotel includes a natural parc of about fifty hectares adorned with a swimming pool and a waterfall. It is in a unique serene setting that the guests are received and benefit from a catering service available non-stop from 7 am to 9 pm. There the guests will taste dishes composed of fish, zebu, and vegetables grown in a bio garden.

Isalo Ranch

Located at 5 kilometres from Ranohira, the Isalo Ranch is nested quite close to the National Park of Isalo. This establishment comprises about twenty cosy bungalows scattered over a tropical garden. This ecolodge in symbiosis with the surrounding intact environment allows enjoying treks and rambles. The Isalo Ranch actually benefits from a marvellous natural setting for a holiday of change of scenery in the calm and the serenity. This establishment houses a restaurant including a terrace which offers a magnificent, protected view of the Massif and the swimming pool. A natural, creative menu is suggested, inspired from the area and the influences of the oriental, French and Asian cuisine.

Le Jardin du Roy

Established in the ancestors’ land of the King of the Bara ethnic group, Le Jardin du Roy is located at the entrance of the Canyon of Râ with its caves and graves. This hotel comprises 15 cosy rooms and 25 new rooms are being built now. The accommodations are lying out in a breathtaking natural environment, overlooking a vast park and a forest along the Soarano River. The restaurant suggests succulent dishes prepared from local ingredients. A relaxation body-care space is also put at the disposal of the clientele, offering massage, various body care and skincare. The billiard bar is a place from exceptional relaxation.

le relais de la reine hotel

Le Relais de la Reine Hotel is a three-star hotel established in a private park of 50 hectares in Ranohira. This establishment in granite is blending into the luxuriant vegetation and the rocks in the surroundings. About thirty rooms are put at the disposal of the clientele. These refined accommodations combine conviviality and simplicity in order to offer a complete comfort to the guests. The horse ride enthusiasts will feel at ease there as Le Relais de la Reine Hotel is inviting for the ride discovery of the sapphire mines which give area its reputation. The complex also comprises a swimming pool, a tennis court, a basketball ground, a bowling court to cheer up the holidays.

leader lodge

A guest house located in the town centre of Ranohira, the Leader Lodge benefits from a preserved natural setting. Its accommodations allow the stay with family, with friends as well as in twos. The Leader Lodge has a catering service offering Malagasy and French dishes on request. The meals are served indoor or outdoor. To cheer up the holidays of their guests, the Leader Lodge also comprises a relaxation space which offers various cares with Homeopharma essential oils known for their multiple properties. The establishment is located at less than a ten minutes’ drive from the National Park of Isalo, which is inviting to discover the natural resources of the south of the country.

Ranohira et le massif de l’Isalo : bienvenue sur un territoire lunaire

Ranohira et ses environs regorgent de paysages uniques au monde composés de grandes masses rocheuses ayant des allures ahurissantes : c’est le massif de l’Isalo.

Ranohira, la merveille de Madagascar

A environ 700 kilomètres de la capitale, sur la route menant à Tuléar, la ville de Ranohira abrite un des trésors les plus admirés de Madagascar : le massif de l’Isalo et son parc national, d’une superficie de 81 540 hectares. Pour découvrir ce massif ruiniforme de l’ère jurassique, rendez-vous au bureau du parc situé à Ranohira.

Des circuits pour découvrir le Parc National de l’Isalo,

Divers circuits de durées variées sont proposés pour explorer ce parc hallucinant. Parmi ceux-ci, le circuit de Namaza ou Cascade des Nymphes offre une randonnée impressionnante à travers des cours d’eau, une végétation rupicole luxuriante et des canyons profonds. Ce circuit donne accès à la piscine noire et à la piscine noire se trouvant au fond d’un canyon. Un détour dans le massif de l’Isalo s’avère incontournable lors d’un voyage à Madagascar.

Ranohira, la contrée des Bara

Ranohira est également une des régions où les mœurs ancestrales ont été préservées en dépit des évolutions connues par le reste de la grande île. Cet attachement aux coutumes anciennes est encore remarqué chez l’ethnie des Bara, qui voue une importance particulière au zébu, admis comme étant un symbole de richesse et de puissance indéniable.