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Hotel Ifaty Mangily

Hotel Ifaty Mangily


Seaside lodging located at less than 30 kilometres from Toliary, the IKOTEL suggests the visitors to have a stay on a beach in an impeccably comfortable setting. With one of the most exotic view of the Indian Ocean, the accommodations are suitable for a complete escape. The primary forest which surrounds the site can be explored during a holiday. The restaurant has a totally new panorama on the green landscape is a sanctuary for both the Malagasy and the international culinary arts. The visitors will immortalize the canopy through the picture window which surrounds this living space. The water sports fill the stay at IKOTEL wonderfully. The sea-kayak ride and the excursion to encounter the humpback whales will satisfy everyone.

Le Nautilus

Ifaty has lots of unrivalled underwater fauna and flora. At about 20 kilometres from Toliary, the reputation of Le Nautilus first come from the comfort and the welcoming features of its rooms and its bungalows, but also reinforced by the richness of the surrounding waters. Either the visitor is a lover of water sports or simply has a passion for the underwater resources of the Mozambique Canal, Le Nautilus is an ideal place for a stay. Here the bungalows have been built closely to the beach and the observation of the sunset is a unique enchantment. From the morning to the evening, the proximity of the ocean is a call for a bathing and water leisure activities.

Ankasy Lodge & Spa

Nothing is better than a natural environment in the southwest of Madagascar for you to enjoy the calmness of a stay by the beach. Nested by the lagoon of Ambatomilo, the Ankasy Lodge & Spa is set a few hundred yards away from Ifaty and Mangily. Here, the most appropriate expression to describe the site is that it is indisputably “a small corner of the paradise” by the Mozambique Canal. 5 individual bungalows are available for the travellers coming to the Ankasy Lodge & Spa, and everything is done so that the stay is an exceptional one. Built on a space of 100 square metres, every bungalow offers the top of the comfort so that the client feels well in a haven of peace.

Bamboo Club

Combine luxury and quietness in an exceptional environment by planning a stay at the Bamboo Club. Facing the lagoon of turquoise water of Ifaty, the establishment puts at the disposal of the travellers its 24 cosy bungalows. Set in an ideal environment, the Bamboo Club is nested in the heart of a tropical garden stretching over 24 hectares. As the bougainvilleas, frangipani trees, the hibiscus, and other jasmine trees are growing at the Bamboo Club, the flora is in full bloom. As they are settled between the beach and a tropical environment, the visitors will find an atmosphere of an unrivalled change of scenery. Apart from the bungalows, the hotel also has a swimming pool and a restaurant which serves the best recommended menu of the local cuisine.

Chez Cécile

In the southwest of Madagascar, about ten bungalows facing the lagoon of Ifaty are available at Chez Cécile Hotel for the travellers. Here the options are many, either the visitors come alone, in pairs, with family, or with friends. Chez Cécile Hotel has an appropriate lodging. With its small bungalows available at a modest price and its family accommodations, the establishment offer the top of the accommodation for the visitors who are passing by. Constructed in the heart of a park where the casuarinas and the coconut trees are growing, the restaurant also suggests the best French dishes and the Indian Ocean cuisine. Chez Cécile Hotel, many activities are to be organised: either they go diving or canoeing, the visitors will find what they need for their entertainment.

Ifaty, un havre de paix

A 27 kilomètres de Tuléar, à proximité d’un des plus beaux lagons de Madagascar, s’étend le village de pêcheurs d’Ifaty. Balades en pirogues, sur des charrettes à zébus, à cheval ou en vélo y sont légions.

Ifaty, une oasis tropicale dans la région du sud

Caressant une impressionnante mangrove, Le village d’Ifaty domine une vaste plage de sable fin et un lagon étendu sur une grande partie du littoral du nord de Tuléar. Une escale dans la forêt des Mikea où vit une tribu sauvage du sud de Madagascar s’impose. Dans le petit village avoisinant de Mangily se niche la réserve de Doumerge, abritant une multitude de faune et de flore endémiques à l’île. La réserve naturelle de Reniala, située aux portes de Mangily est le territoire des baobabs et des pachypodiums, surnommés encore baobabs nains.

Des activités originales

La population locale propose des activités typiques aux voyageurs. Parmi celles-ci, une petite escapade dans une charrette tractée par des zébus restera mémorable dans l’esprit des visiteurs. Au menu, des ballades dans un parc à tortues, la visite d’arboretum exposantun bush épineux caractéristique de la région. Les amateurs de plongée sous-marine ne seront pas déçus, car Ifaty, avec son lagon de Ranobe, est un site propice à la découverte sous-marine.