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Hotel Nosy Komba

Hotel Nosy Komba

chez yolande bungalows

Cosy rooms and comfortable bungalows are welcoming the travellers at Chez Yolande Bungalows for a successful holiday in Nosy Komba. Here the catchword is “holiday”, and the first steps into this ecolodge are leading the visitors to a totally different journey. At Chez Yolande Bungalows, the decoration is meticulous, and the visitors who have already been there agree with each other on the fact that the arrangement of the rooms and the bungalows are actually the right extension of the surrounding abundant nature. Constructed as near as possible to the sea, the comfortable bungalows equipped with private sanitations have been built in a traditional, authentic style. At the bar, the relaxation is to be expected, and at the restaurant, there are the various delights concocted by Yolande including lobsters and squids, without forgetting the zebu and the shrimp.

Les Jardins de Clarita Guesthouse

This guesthouse bears the name of “Les Jardins de Clarita” because actually it is surrounded by a magnificent garden with tropical features. With the cheerful welcome of the lady of the house and that of its particularly caring employees, Clarita will conquer you indisputably. This establishment offers three bungalows endowed with satisfying comfort and modernity. Cathy Bungalow (for two persons, equipped with a small living room and a terrace), Lamaka Mena Bungalow (with a cabin and one more bed), and Hibiscus Bungalow are the units with singsong names you will find at Les Jardins de Clarita Guesthouse. The calm of the sea and the scents of the green garden are actually some more gifts which will provide you with relaxation.

Tsanga Banga Hotel

As authentic as the name of the establishment, the setting of the Tsanga Banga Hotel amazes all visitors. Surrounded by a vast shady road forest, the hotel has been designed to be a building reasonably equipped in accordance with the technology. This 115 square metre living space presents a strictly Malagasy architecture, with a roof in Ravinala. The rooms can house up to seven persons for a full-board or a half-board stay. Each of these rooms comprises a mezzanine, two bathrooms with hot water, and an equipped kitchen. Its veranda is an ideal option to make you admire the sunsets.

Chez Léontine Hotel

Located on the coasts of the Nosy Komba Isle on the side of Ampangorina, Chez Léontine Hotel promises plentyh of lazing about to you. You can choose between three bungalows one of which is nested upstairs. This can receive two or three persons. The view on the sea is one more pretext to book a stay over there from now on. Its very dynamic welcome makes this establishment a recommended address for groups or families on holiday in Madagascar. Moreover, Chez Léontine Hotel is also a good launchpad for treks with various themes. The authentic cruises, the deep-sea diving, and the walk into the green vegetation are to be tried as soon as you get there.

Chez Madame Madio Hotel

Chez Madame Madio Hotel, established in the Nosy Komba Isle, leans on a very infrequent hospitality to make your stay much more agreeable. Its quality restaurant is a recommended establishment during your holiday here. Seafood and other fresh local produce are the ingredients of the menu à la carte of the restaurant. Chez Madame Madio Hotel presents you its 7 attractive bungalows equipped with sanitations and private or common toilets. Take the opportunity your stop is offering you to enjoy snorkelling and canoe trekking and have a visit to the neighbouring isles. The transport from Hell-ville to this hotel is generally provided by Chez Madame Madio Hotel.

293 On Komba Hotel

In Nosy Komba, the 293 On Komba Hotel invites the travellers for a holiday in a total ampleness with the nature. Three rooms which attain the heights of comfort are awaiting the visitors for an unequalled experience. A difficult choice is to be made by the travellers between the Lemur Room, the Tortoise Room, and the Chameleon Room, which are unique accommodations, intended for a stay of another totally different dimension. In this paradisiacal isle, the 293 On Komba Hotel offers the best reception as the travellers come for a stop in complete relaxation and discovery. Breakfast in one’s room, lunch and dinner are included in the option of the stay, as well as the exceptional view of the surrounding bay.

Auberge Maki Lodge

For a successful holiday, the Auberge Maki Lodge reserves the best reception for the travellers who have come along in the Isle of Nosy Komba. The combination of the traditional materials with the meticulous, elegant decoration has given a unique style that this establishment has intended to favour. 5 cosy bungalows are here the setting of a restful stay, suitable for discovery and relaxation. Ideally nested on a promontory, every accommodation includes a private terrace offering a unique view of the sea. To savour the specialities of the area; the guests are to come to the restaurant of this hotel. Delicious dishes concocted by the chef from the fresh catch in the sea are served there at any moment every day.

jardin vanille hotel

The fact that the luxuriant vegetation is one of the wealth of Nosy Komba is more noticed during a stay at the Jardin Vanille Hotel. Located in the northwest coast of this paradisiacal isle, this ecolodge receives the travellers in search of rest and relaxation. 8 lodges and 1 suite are available here for a holiday in total immersion within the nature. Constructed in a space of 35 square metres, the lodges are comfortable and promise a well-deserved rest. Located at about fifteen metres from the beach, the Tsaramanga suite is extended over 100 square metres. A terrace overlooking the sea is one of the particularities of this accommodation which really benefits from such a privileged situation.

les floralies hotel

The splendour of the Isle of Lemurs is to be appreciated during a stay at Les Floralies Hotel, an authentic hotel on a part of the beach of Nosy Komba. Here 8 bungalows are available for the travellers and each of them can house up to 4 persons or even a whole family. Blending perfectly with the surrounding nature, these accommodations are built in a traditional style, with a successful combination of the tropical wood and the Ravinala leaves. This authentic charm of the bungalows enhances more the comfort they offer. To enjoy the magical moments in the vicinity of the beach of Nosy Komba, Les Floralies Hotel suggests the travellers to savour the excellent cuisine of its restaurant which offers 25 place settings.

Nosy Komba : un périple à l’île aux lémuriens

Nosy Komba, cette petite île volcanique faisant la transition entre Nosy Be et le littoral sud-ouest de la Grande île est une escale incontournable. Domaine des « makis sacrés »,  elle est recouverte de forêt tropicale dense et épaisse.

Des vacances en toute quiétude

Nosy Komba ne mesure que 8 kilomètres de diamètre, mais dispose d’un centre d’hébergement accessible à tous les budgets. Hôtels de luxe ou de charme sont proposés dans un confort digne des plus grands établissements en grande villes. Des pirogues à moteur font la navette entre l’île de Nosy Be, la destination phare des visiteurs du nord-ouest de Madagascar  et Ampangorina, le village principal de Nosy Komba. Dans un souci de protection d’une nature exceptionnelle, l’île aux lémuriens ne dispose d’aucun véhicule à moteur.

Des activités hautes en couleurs

Les plages de Nosy Komba sont préservées du tourisme de masse. Les lémuriens côtoient la population locale  et offrent un spectacle inouï aux visiteurs. Les articles souvenirs conçus par les artisans raviront les amateurs d’art traditionnel. Statuettes, nappes de tables brodées typiquement malgaches, masques, etc. sont suggérés aux voyageurs le long d’une allée principale du village d’Ampangorina. Venez découvrir les dauphins et les tortues de mer qui rendent visite aux habitants régulièrement.