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Extension Manakara by train ending in Toliary

The small train which serves between Fianarantsoa and Manakara is among the ones who remain in the world. During this circuit, the amazement brightens up each detour, which guarantees unforgettable moments.

Day 1 : Paris - Antananarivo
Day 2 :
Antananarivo – Antsirabe
Day 3 :
Antsirabe – Fianarantsoa
Day 4 :
Fianarantsoa – Manakara
Day 5 :
Day 6 :
Manakara – Ranomafana
Day 7 :
Ranomafana – Fianarantsoa
Day 8 :
Fianarantsoa – Ranohira
Day 9 :
Day 10 :
Ranohira – Toliary – Ifaty
Day 11 - 12 :
Day 13 :
Ifaty – Toliary – Antananarivo
Day 14 : Antananarivo – Paris

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Day 1 : Paris – Antananarivo
When your plane lands, your guide will welcome you and take this opportunity to give you a briefing on your holiday.
Night and breakfast in the hotel

Day 2 : Antananarivo – Antsirabe
The road which leads us to Antsirabe is made up with landscapes of growing subsistence crops, but also with bustling villages. Some whirling rivers complete the setting. We get across many small towns where it is possible to taste the local products, where we encounter craftsmen working on ironwork or foundry, such as those in Ambatolampy. In Antsirabe, the mildness of the climate allows us to enjoy strolling around this town.
Night and breakfast in the hotel

Day 3 : Antsirabe – Fianarantsoa
When leaving Antsirabe, we will head for Fianarantsoa. We will have a stopover at Ambositra, considered as the city of the crafts, which is a well-deserved name for this city. We will then travel through the forest of Ialatsara at Ambohimahasoa, a private reserve, where the local beekeepers have set their beehives. In Fianarantsoa, we will go to the upper city to go back in time as we have a stroll in the heart of the former site of the city which was constructed in the era of Queen Ranavalona I.
Night and breakfast in the hotel

Day 4 : Fianarantsoa – Manakara
Meeting at the beautiful railway station of Fianarantsoa to take the mythical small train of the FCE, serving between Fianarantsoa and Manakara. The journey is particularly spectacular. Being the unique transport link for lots of landlocked villages, this train carries both passengers and goods. The stopover at each station will let us encounter the local population. All along the way, the grandiose landscapes across which we travel will provoke strong reactions on us. Dense forests, torrents and rivers, waterfalls as well as bare hills stretching as far as one can see are all a feast for the eyes
Night and breakfast in the hotel

Day 5 : Manakara
A day in Manakara means nonchalance, which is just like the rhythm of life there. Manakara is a quiet town which to be discovered calmly. We can have a walk along a portion of the Canal of Pangalana there. Some distilleries of essential oil will also open wide their door to us so that we may discover the manufacturing process. To enjoy a safe bathing in the sea, there is an option: we can go to the famous “Trou du Commissaire”.
Night and breakfast in the hotel
Day 6 : Manakara – Ranomafana
To get as close as possible to the nature, we will follow the road which leads us to the National Park of Ranomafana. Thanks to the heavy rainfall, its forest always remains green and very dense. The biodiversity of a large richness will delight the visitors. In addition, its thermal springs, which have given their name to the park itself, are an invitation for relaxation, after some nice rambles all along the footpaths which go across the forest and its surroundings.
Night and breakfast in the hotel

Day 7: Ranomafana – Fianarantsoa
The return to Fianarantsoa will be carried out without an important stopover. In Fianarantsoa, we will take the opportunity of being there to see the vineyards of Maromby, the photo studio of Pierrot Men, the photographer, and also some portions of this town that we could not yet see during our first coming.
Night and breakfast in the hotel
Day 8 : Fianarantsoa – Ranohira
We will go down the RN7 road for Ranohira. However, we will have a stopover at Ambalavao. This small charming town houses some workshop of oatmeal silk weaving, a workshop of the famous Antemoro paper. But Ambalavao is also a place where there is a zebu market which is the second biggest one over Madagascar, and where there is the small village reserve of Anja. After this stopover, we will continue our journey toward Ranohira, by travelling across the desert peneplain of Ihorombe.
Night and breakfast in the hotel
Day 9 : Ranohira
Ranohira is a small market town whose main interest is the National Park of Isalo. The park stretches over 81,540 hectares. The hilly relief of the park forms deep canyons where some luxuriant vegetation has grown. Makis and lemurs live in these green oases. Lots of birds have also set their nests there, such as the little grebe and the hamerkop.
Night and breakfast in the hotel
Day 10 : Ranohira – Toliary – Ifaty
From Ranohira to Toliary, the landscape changes progressively. The baobabs appear in the midst of jujube forests. The Mahafaly tombs one will see on the roadside, adorned with frescoes and sculptures which describe the live of the deceased, attract the eyes when passing by. We continue our trip immediately toward Ifaty, one of the most important seaside resorts of the southwestern coast.
Night and breakfast in the hotel

Day 11 and 12 : Ifaty
Ifaty is a village of fishermen which will captivate the visitors with its nice quiet beaches, its diving spots protected by a long coral reef. The schedule of our holiday includes some canoe rides offered by the local population. We will also go to the baobab forest, located in the vicinity of the village. Apart from the baobabs, the forest also houses various medicinal plants and animal species.
Night and breakfast in the hotel

Day 13 : Ifaty – Toliary – Antananarivo
When we get back to Toliary, we will have a walk toward the port and across the streets all along the seaside, and also to the shell market. We will have a visit to the Museum of the Sea, also called Museum of the Arts and the Traditions of the South of Madagascar. A local flight will then take us back to Antananarivo.
Night and breakfast in the hotel
Day 14 : Antananarivo – Paris
Depending on the departure hour of your flight for Paris, we will have the possibility to visit some quarters of Antananarivo such as the market of Analakely, the upper city, and the Palace of Manjakamiadana. Transfer to the airport and return flight.
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  • Visit to the National Park of Ranomafana and the local guiding fees
  • Visit to the special reserve of « Anja » and the local guiding fees
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