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Hotel Nosy Be

Hotel Nosy Be

arc-en-ciel hotel

The exceptional features of the Arc-en-Ciel Hotel are sufficient to awaken the curiosity of the travellers. Overhanging the sea, this establishment is majestically nested in the heart of a luxuriant tropical garden. This jewel, stepped within the nature, has a swimming pool adjacent to the beach. Here everything is organized to provide a successful stay: massage, land excursions or sea excursions, horse ride, diving, or just a walk along the beach. After a day full of activities, a return to one’s room is a must. In this elegantly fitted area, an admirable moment is awaiting the residents at close of day. Positioned in the perfect side, the windows of the upper rooms and those of the suites allow enjoying the admirable sunset over the Mozambique Canal.

amarina hotel

Located in the northwest of the Nosy Be Island, the Amarina Hotel receives its visitors in a subtle mixture of materials, elegance, colourfulness, and naturalness. According to its owners, this establishment is created to better preserve the relaxed rhythm of life which characterizes this part of Madagascar. The travellers will have a totally quiet holiday while taking the opportunity of discovering a majestically preserved environment through the surroundings of the complex. Localized opposite the Amarina Hotel, the water of Ambohiday Lagoon, like the swimming pool built in the centre of the complex, is nice for the bathing.

ravintsara wellness hotel

The Ravintsara Wellness Hotel is coordinating the luxury with the impressive natural diversity of the Island of Nosy Be. Nested in the heart of a 5 hectares’ tropical park, this top-range establishment is ideal for the combination of discovery holiday and well-being. Its bungalows of 70 square metres and its villas of 116 square metres have been constructed to provide totally restful holidays. They are designed in accordance with the modern standards while made up of traditional materials. Apart from its lounge bar and its gastronomic restaurant, the Ravintsara Wellness Hotel also has a relaxation & wellbeing space comprising Hammam, Jacuzzis, a combined massage reflexology salon, and a natural spring water fall. A professional tailor-made body care is provided there.

vanilla hotel & spa

30 kilometres’ tarmac separates the Vanilla Hotel & Spa from the airport of Nosy Be. In the northwest side, this hotel is adjoining Sakatia; a piece of land reputed for its myriad of orchids. Being a native of Europe, the chef displays his skills to conquer the greatest gourmets who are having a stay at this hotel. The fresh fish is of course an integral part of the dishes suggested all over the dining tables of its restaurant. 58 design rooms house the guests at the Vanilla Hotel & Spa. The noble wood, the sober setting, and the luxury of its rooms which are in accordance with the international standards attract more visitors. Since this hotel has Oceane room, Prestige suites, African suites, and Malagasy suites, all tastes are then going to be satisfied.

L’Heure Bleue Hotel

Being a prestigious ecolodge in Nosy be Island, L’Heure Bleue Hotel has been given a prize many times for its refined style. With a decoration designed very skilfully by a French designer, the hotel shares its attributes of beauty with the intact nature which surrounds it. Eight luxury suites and 10 bungalows for guests coming in groups are available for the experienced authenticity enthusiasts. Located in the very heart of the Bay of Madirokely, this hotel benefits from a fresher climate than that in any other place in the Island of perfumes of Madagascar. The swimming pool of fresh water has been constructed at the entrance of this site to better captivate the visitors. In addition to this convenience for a swim, L’Heure Bleue Hotel also concocts a wide range of outings among which there are the safaris on board an all-terrain and the diving as well as the deep-sea fishing.

Chez Gerard et Francine Hotel

Laid out in a pleasant way in a well-kept garden, Chez Gerard et Francine Hotel unites the Malagasy style for building houses and the Creole style. While offering a complete range of practical services, this establishment has ten rooms which attain the heights of conviviality. Apart from the daily change of bed sheets, the rooms are also regularly cleaned. Each of them is equipped with a ventilator and a safe. Among the most requested services in that establishment is the offer of a car-park for vehicles. As for its restaurant, this suggests a myriad of food for breakfast. The excursions over the curiosities in the Nosy Be Island are what is to do to enjoy a perfect stay at Chez Gerard et Francine Hotel.

Domaine de Lokobe

All the charm of Madagascar would be found during a stay at the lodge of the Domaine de Lokobe. Nested in a peaceful, enchanting environment, this establishment is suitable for a rest in the heart of the nature. Its spacious bungalows and suites overlook the beach. Inside these accommodations, the space is arranged with furniture combining the international prestige and the local materials. A teak-walled bathroom made up of teak, a living-room for 5 persons, and a terrace are to be appreciated inside the 120 square metres of every bungalow. After a walk along the beach or in the fishing village, a stop of taste is a must at the restaurant of the Domaine de Lokobe. Prepared very skilfully by the Chef in the establishment, the Malagasy and Foreign dishes will delight the greatest gourmets.

Nosy-Be, l’île parfumée

La plus connue et la plus fréquentée des îles de Madagascar vous tend les bras. Nosy-Be, littéralement la grande île, est un endroit idyllique.

Nosy-Be, une île unique

Dans le nord-ouest de Madagascar, en plein canal du Mozambique, Nosy Be est une perle de 320 kilomètres carrés intensément parfumée par les milliers d’ylang-ylang qui la recouvrent, tantôt sauvages, tantôt cultivées par l’homme. Bienvenue sur une île divine où les plages de sables d’Ambatolaoka offrent un panorama sublime. Madagascar est une île de pierres précieuses, un de ses plus éblouissants joyaux se nomme Nosy-Be.

Vacances à Nosy-Be : des activités variées

Le climat ensoleillé favorise des journées entières de farniente et de repos sur les nombreuses plages de l’île, à l’ombre des cocotiers. Au centre de l’île, les férus de randonnées trouveront leur bonheur en se promenant sur le Mont Lokobe, tout en scrutant ce paysage paradisiaque du haut de ces 455 mètres de hauteur. Les adeptes des loisirs nautiques et aquatiques auront l’occasion de partir à la pêche avec des organisateurs spécialisés.  Les activités de plongée sous-marine permettent d’explorer un fond marin de toute beauté. Les amateurs de découverte seront comblés par les journées de balades à Nosy Komba et Nosy Kely, les petites îles paradisiaques qui entourent Nosy-Be.