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From Toliary to Morondava

The great adventurers, the lovers of thrilling sensations will only succumb to the wild beauty of this route out of ordinary.

Day 1 : Toliary – Ifaty Mangily – Salary – Andavadaoka
Day 2 : Andavadaoka
Day 3 :
Andavadaoka – Morombe - Manja
Day 4 :
Manja – Belo sur Mer
Day 5 :
Belo sur Mer
Day 6 :
Belo sur Mer – Morondava
Day 7 :
Morondava – Bekopaka
Day 8 - 9 :
Day 10 :
Bekopaka – Morondava
Day 11 :
Morondava – Antananarivo

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Day 1: Toliary – Ifaty Mangily – Salary – Andavadaoka
Our trip starts in Toliary. The road is quite long, so we won’t remain there for a long time. We will continue directly toward Ifaty Mangily, a small village of fishermen which has become one of the main seaside resorts of the southwest coast nowadays. Then we will have a stopover at Salary, a small place with fine-sandy dunes, located in a magnificent lagoon. We will then come to Andavadaoka, after crossing a thorny forest where the baobabs emerge majestically.
Night and half board in the hotel

Day 2 : Andavadaoka
The day at andavadaoka will spent riding on foot or on board a canoe all along the lagoon. We will also take that opportunity to go bathing in the beautiful turquoise blue water, diving deep in the sea or just meeting the local population.
Night and half board in the hotel
Day 3 : Andavadaoka – Morombe - Manja
Between Andavadaoka and Morombe, the magnificence of the road is a delight for the eyes. All along the track, the Andansonia Grandidieri stand proudly in the bush. It is impossible to miss the oldest baobab of Madagascar growing in Morombe. Then heading for Manja, a small town on the stage which is also the cradle of the Sakalava kingdom of Boina and Menabe. We will reach it after crossing the Mangoky River as we leave Bevoay.
Night and breakfast in the hotel

Day 4 : Manja – Belo sur Mer
The 100 kilometres separating Manja from Belo sur Mer. We will journey fast so that it will be possible for us to make the most of the quietness in Belo.
Night and half board in the hotel

Day 5 : Belo sur Mer
Belo sur Mer is known for its salt marshes and for its shipbuilding from which most of the schooners voyaging across the Mozambique Canal come. We will have the opportunity to share the daily life of the inhabitants whose lifestyle has conserved all its authenticity. The coral reefs stretching over 18 kms offer some very beautiful diving spots, full of intense underwater life. And with a little chance, we will see the ballet of the humpback whales which are in greater number coming to mate in this part of the Mozambique Canal.
Night and half board in the hotel

Day 6 : Belo sur Mer – Morondava
Departure for Morondava. On the way, we will take this occasion to have a stopover at the Park of Kirindy Mitea. Surely we will encounter a coua or a bee-eater, very familiar birds in this region of Menabe. We wil also come across the Park of Kirindy Mitea.
Night and breakfast in the hotel

Day 7 : Morondava – Bekopaka
Our trip will continue to Bekopaka, a small village located in the vicinity of the National Park of the Tsingy of Bemaraha. We will thus head for Belo sur Tsiribihina, with a short stopover at the famous Baobab Avenue. After the crossing of the Tsiribihina River on board a ferry, we will continue our journey toward Bekopaka, and then there is a second ferry trip across the Manambolo River.
Night and half board in the hotel

Day 8 and 9 : Bekopaka
We will go conquering the spectacular Tsingy of Bemaraha, listed as a world heritage of the UNESCO in 1990. the sites are characterized by the cutting edges of the calcareous cathedrals which were taking their shape some 200 million years ago. The crevasses and the faults among the Tsingy houses an exceptional fauna such as the endemic Nesomynae rodents of Madagascar, the 11 lemur species or else the rare fish eagle. We can also get familiar with the local culture by going to the gorges of Manambolo where the tombs of the Vazimba, who were the first inhabitants of Madagascar, have become places of worship for the local population. They will be memorable days in prospect.
Night and half board in the hotel

Day 10 : Bekopaka – Morondava
Again we will go down the road to Morondava after two days of discoveries and strong sensations. We will take this return as an occasion to visit the Reserve of Kirindihy.
Night and breakfast in the hotel

Day  11. Morondava – Antananarivo
A regular flight will take us back to Antananarivo where we will wait for our flight back to Paris.
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  • Crossing of the Manambolo River by ferry
  • Canoe ride on the gorge of Manambolo
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