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Categories of hotels

Where to Stay during Holidays in Madagascar?
Madagascar has three categories of hotels. Drop off your suitcase in the guest houses, in the hotels classified as Ravinala or in the starred establishments with local standards.

What Basis Should You to Pick an Accommodation in Madagascar?
The hotels classified according to the Ravinala number (1 to 5) provide satisfactory comfort. The quality of their services and the amenities installed in every room are the main selection criteria. The best quality-price ratio is also important in this classification in Ravinala. The star-classified hotels according to the national and international standards offer a better quality of comfort with, among others, private bathrooms and exceptional reception infrastructures like rooms with lounge. Non classified accommodations include the guest houses, the camping sites and the lodges for the stopovers in the heart of nature. Here, the masters of the house and the travel agents will inform in advance about the “personalized” comfort of the structures.

International Hotel Names starts Gaining a Foothold
With the rising demand of the visitors in terms of comfort and high standing, Madagascar welcomes an increasing number of prestigious hotels. The best served and the most famous ones are notably located in the capital from which many tours exploring the Big Island begin. These luxury chains of hotels attract a majority of European customers and set a very moderate pricing. They have, among others, quality infrastructure and pamper their guests. Besides, construction projects are proceeding well with the beach hotels which open their doors on the coasts and in the outbuildings. The Island of Nosy Be possesses a high number of holiday villages, especially along the most prestigious of its beaches like those settled along the south shore.

Hotel Ambalavao
Hotel Ambanja
Hotel Ambatolampy
Hotel Ambila Lemaitso
Hotel Ambilobe
Hotel Ambola
Hotel Ambositra
Hotel Ampefy
Hotel Anakao
Hotel Andasibe
Hotel Andavadoaka
Hotel Andringitra
Hotel Anjozorobe
Hotel Ankanin'ny Nofy
Hotel Ankify
Hotel Antalaha
Hotel Antananarivo
Hotel Antsirabe
Hotel Baie de Baly
Hotel Betanty
Hotel Diego-Suarez
Hotel Farafangana
Hotel Fianarantsoa
Hotel Fort-Dauphin
Hotel Foulpointe
Hotel Ifaty Mangily
Hotel Ivato
Hotel Joffreville
Hotel Lavanono
Hotel Majunga
Hotel Manakara
Hotel Manambato
Hotel Mananara
Hotel Mananjary
Hotel Mantasoa
Hotel Maroantsetra
Hotel Marovasa Be
Hotel Miandrivazo
Hotel Moramanga
Hotel Morondava
Hotel Nosy Be
Hotel Nosy Komba
Hotel Nosy Saba
Hotel Ranohira
Hotel Sainte Marie
Hotel Sambava
Hotel Tamatave
Hotel Tuléar
Hotel Vatomandry
Hotel Vohemar