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Hotel Ivato

Hotel Ivato

Lakecity Hotel & Spa

A charming hotel established in Ivato, the Lakecity Hotel & Spa wants to be unique in its way by adopting a conception focused around well-being and relaxation. The establishment has about twenty cosy rooms with a contemporary design and corresponding to the European standard. The accommodations include a balcony with a view of the lake. It’s in a setting of calmness and serenity that the establishment receives its guests while putting at their disposal a spa for a complete relaxation, as well as a swimming pool for the moment of pause. Various foreign dishes are served at its restaurant while the bar allows the guests to taste delicious cocktails.

Le Lac Hotel

Located at only 5 minutes from the international airport of Ivato, Le Lac Hotel includes a natural environment featuring the panorama of the country’s coastal regions. Facing the lake, this hotel is set in a wooded tropical space suitable for relaxation. The bungalows of Le Lac Hotel are convenient for relaxation. The cosy double rooms also guarantee a well-deserved rest. Le Lac Hotel has its own bar. The arrangement of the reception room guarantees successful business stays. The menu of the restaurant shows typical dishes of Madagascar. The establishment organizes various excursions and put at the disposal of families a child club as well as a baby-setting service.

The Red Island Inn

Being a world-class establishment, the Red Island Inn is located at an immediate place from the airport of Ivato. A lake, some rice fields, and some green garden surround this modern establishment ready for relaxation. Four types of accommodations are available, such as two spacious suites bordered with a balcony, two family rooms, two twin rooms, and 11 comfortable standard rooms. As for its restaurant, it receives the guests in a refined, intimist setting and it suggests the world cuisine. The café of the terrace located on the third storey gives its guests the opportunity to enjoy an undeniable time of relaxation with a panoramic view for good measure.

The A &C Hotel

At Mandrosoa, near the airport of Ivato, the A &C Hotel radiates the luxury in every inch of it. Its lodges include a cosy bedding, a private bathroom, a safe box, a telephone, and a wi-fi connection. Its restaurant held by a qualified chef presents an exceptional gastronomic creativity with its Malagasy and foreign dishes. In addition, the A &C Hotel has two reception rooms with a capacity of about a thousand people. Its swimming pool, its billiard room, its baby-foot room, and its karaoke give its guests the opportunity to have quite diversified entertaining activities.

Au Bois Vert Hotel

Constructed in a fully wooded park of 3 hectares, Au Bois Vert Hotel is a lodge located at only a few minutes from the airport of Ivato. A genuine haven of peace localized a a little way out of the crowd traffic in big cities, the hotel offers comfortable accommodations with a meticulous decoration. The residents will make their choice between the double rooms, the twin rooms, and the bungalows endowed with mezzanine or not. The bathrooms carved from the granite give the charm to every room. The bungalows are in total harmony with the nature. They are scattered over a fruit garden. The restaurant of Au Bois Vert Hotel is renowned for its cuisine on wood fire.

Auberge de l’Aéroport

For a stay in the capital or for a temporary night, the Auberge de l’Aéroport is an ideal accommodation to make the most of the quietness and the countryside in the surrounding. The cosy lodging offers 18 bungalows and rooms with a furnished terrace. The hotel is located in the heart of a pine forest, with the nature within reach. The inn also puts at the disposal of its residents some camping areas. The Auberge de l’Aéroport has a typical Malagasy decoration and receives its guests in a welcoming, convivial setting. As for the restaurant of that inn, it offers both local and foreign culinary specialities with loads of grilled meat.

The Auberge du Cheval Blanc

The Auberge du Cheval Blanc is an inevitable lodging for a romantic stopover. Located at Ivato, at one kilometre from the airport, the establishment is intended to be a genuine haven of peace where the calm and the serenity are the catchwords. Refinement and comfort are mixed perfectly in the 32 rooms of this establishment. Single rooms, double rooms, and twin rooms are ready to house the residents in an original setting. The Auberge du Cheval Blanc also comprises a bar-restaurant of 150 place settings and offers musical parties in the evenings. An original cuisine of good quality and of the Malagasy flavours is served in that restaurants of its.

The Paon d’Or Hotel

A big hotel complex located in Ivato, the Paon d’Or Hotel responds to the international standards. This five-star establishment put at the disposal of its visitors in search of calm and security 54 villas with a maximum of luxury and comfort. Each of its villas comprises many spacious luxurious suites and shows a particular design including a living room, a bathtub or a whirlpool bath, a minibar, television and Queen Size beds. The villas are, as a guarantee of calm, surrounded by a luxuriant park extended over a two hectares’ area. The catering service at the Paon d’Or Hotel will lead the guests to savour world cuisine among which the European and Chinese specialities.

The Savanna Café

The Savanna Café is a charming establishment localized at a few minutes’ drive from the airport of Ivato. Ideal for a stay of relaxation and change of scenery, the hotel has the advantage of being constructed in a quiet place surrounded by rice fields. Cosy double rooms are ready for the residents. These are equipped with a satellite television, a minibar, a safe box, and an air-conditioning convenience. The wi-fi connection is available for free everywhere inside the establishment. The restaurant of the Savanna Café, located at its ground floor, serves mainly the typical dishes of a café, with notably the European and Malagasy menu. Some themed evening parties are regularly organized at its restaurant.

The Ivato Hotel

The Ivato Hotel is star-categorized barely located at two minutes’ walk from the airport. Security, quietness, and green environment are all on this site. The shaded terrace gives more charm to the establishment. The Ivato Hotel has for its clientele 29 cosy rooms, such as about twelve double rooms, eight double rooms equipped with television, six twin rooms, and two family rooms. In addition to its welcoming, spacious rooms, the Ivato Hotel also has a restaurant. Given the name of « Sel et Poivre », the restaurant presents a quite varied menu, composed of typical Malagasy dishes as well as world cuisine.

Le Mahavelo Hotel

Le Mahavelo Hotel is located at Ivato, not far from the international airport. As a recommended lodging for a stay of relaxation and quietness away from the city of Antananarivo, the hotel is seated in an environment promising a change of scenery. Two suites, six first-category rooms, six double rooms as well as four family rooms particularly comfortable in a cosy, elegant setting are waiting for the guests. The Allamanda, the restaurant of the hotel, offers a quite varied menu corresponding to each taste. Malagasy, French and Chinese specialities are suggested here seven days a week. On request, the Indian and the Mauritian dishes can also be served.

Les Frangipaniers Hotel

Hotel residence located not far from the international airport, Les Frangipaniers Hotel has for the people who have come to Ivato some guestrooms and a table d'hôte. The hotel is endowed with a beautiful garden featuring a genuine haven of peace. The cosy rooms can accommodate up to five people. They are suited to lovers’ or family’s stay. The catering service of Les Frangipaniers Hotel offers exclusively Malagasy dishes. In this establishment, various activities also help to complete the stay, such as the visit to Croc Farm (a park of crocodiles).

Les Hautes Terres Hotel

Localized at 5 kilometres frol the international airport of Madagascar, Les Hautes Terres Hotel prepares a welcoming, convivial reception for its residents. The establishment has the advantage of being in a quiet place far away from Ivato and constructed in a green, wooded area by a lake. The rooms offer a maximum of comfort with their classic conveniences such as the television, the air-conditioner, the mini-bar, and the safe box. The panoramic view of the lake is a call for a journey of the mind. Les Hautes Terres Hotel also has a restaurant which serves a large variety of the typical gastronomy for the highlands. Here, cabarets are scheduled every Friday and bustling with famous Malagasy artists.

The Natur’All House

A guest house set back from the main road in Ivato, the Natur’All House is a well-chosen accommodation for a stay of complete relaxation. Either for a short stay or a long holiday, the establishment offers four comfortable rooms the inside of which are set with precious wood. Elegance is mixed with simplicity in this small haven of peace endowed with a terrace and a garden full of flowers and where there are endemic plants. A large living room is also available for the guests, and there is also a barbecue area for you to have a convivial time with family or friends. The catering service is also open for the residents and a wi-fi connection is available in the restaurant.

The Orchid Hotel

Being a three-star categorized hotel complex, the Orchid Hotel has the advantage of being constructed at only a few minutes from the airport of Ivato. It comprises about sixty spacious rooms, four suites, 39 double rooms and 25 twin rooms. These comfortable accommodations offer a pleasant view of the lake of Ambohibao and of the hill of Ambohidratrimo. The restaurant Orchid is a quality gastronomic place, suggesting a modern various in an intimist musical atmosphere. If the residents look for another interest, the bar will give them the opportunity to discover a whole selection of traditional cocktails and noteworthy liquors. The Orchid Hotel also has a relaxation space including a swimming, a sports room, and some shopping spaces.

Relais des Plateaux

The Relais des Plateaux Hotel is located in Ivato, surrounded by an inside garden of multiple scents. The hotel is reachable only on foot in order to preserve the calmness and tranquillity of the site. Five suites, 22 standard double rooms, about ten twin rooms overlooking the garden, as well as family rooms are offered at this hotel. With an exceptional charm, the lodgings are furnished with furniture made up of bamboo or rosewood. The residents can have meals in its restaurant of 120 place settings which serves gastronomic buffets. A swimming pool, a living room for relaxation as well as a large bar complete all the available conveniences.

The Table & Chambres d’Hôte Agapé

At only 15 minutes from the international airport of Ivato, the Table & Chambres d’Hôte Agapé is a guest house of a meticulous authenticity in the region of the capital. It’s with simplicity that this hotel receives the visitors in cosy spaces arranged in a traditional house typical of the Malagasy highlands. Its friendly feature promises the guests to spend a nice holiday in a sober, convivial setting. The Table & Chambres d’Hôte Agapé is actually intended to be a compromise between a classic hotel and a guest house, with, in addition, a table serving the Malagasy typical menu.

The Tana California Lodge

At about 10 kilometres from the town centre of Antananarivo, the Tana California Lodge puts at the disposal of the travellers comfortable, equipped spacious accommodations for a pleasant stay. The living room of the Tana California Lodge allows relaxing quietly after a day of strolling in town or at Croc Farm nearby. In addition, the internet connection covers the whole building to allow its guests to keep in touch with their close relatives. Moreover, on request, the Tana California Lodge offers a catering service for breakfast and dinner.

Villa Soamahatony

The Villa Soamahatony is localized at less than half an hour’s drive from the town centre of Antananarivo. Run as a guest house, this establishment has three rooms with lavatory and two rooms with mezzanine, and all, of these are laid out with great panache. The lodgings offer a superb view of a rice growing plain, which is adding a bucolic trait to the villa. For the moment of relaxation, the living room equipped with a chimney, a library, and a satellite television is the suggested conveniences. In the evening, a catering service is offered. While sitting for a copious dinner, the families as well as the guests coming in pairs will discover the Malagasy gastronomic specialities.

The Auberge du Manoir Rouge

The Auberge du Manoir Rouge is an inn located in the heart of the city of Ivato, in the immediate vicinity of the airport. About twenty rooms, a dormitory, as well as a camping site are put at the disposal of the travellers in search for quietness and change of scenery. As a matter of fact, the Manoir Rouge Inn lays out in a nice green setting. The residence dated from 1931 offers its guests a western comfort. Apart from the beautiful terrace, the inn houses a restaurant which serves tasty dishes in an authentic place. The family meals for a large party create the best memories about the holidays spent in that inn. The wi-fi connection and the cable television are comprised in its every unit. The accompanied outings by mountain bike are also a must of trekking to be planned here.

Le Cosmos Hotel

Le Cosmos Hotel is a star hotel establishment located in the immediate vicinity of the airport of Ivato. An ideal lodging for relaxation and a rest a little way out of the capital, the Cosmos Hotel shows simplicity at first sight while presenting a refined, cheerful decoration. Its rooms have the necessary facilities such as the television, the ventilator, as well as a modern work area. Available 24 hours a day, its catering service suggests a varied cuisine to be chosen and responding to every expectation of culinary escape. The Malagasy, European, or Chinese cuisine is given an importance. The guests can also have something to eat at its snack space.

Le Médicis Hotel

Le Médicis Hotel is a two-star hotel which preserves a peaceful environment at 5 minutes’ drive from the airport of Ivato. 19 standard rooms are available for its guests. The lodgings are equipped with private sanitations, a satellite television, and a minibar to guarantee the optimal comfort for the residents. The wi-fi connection is also available without additional charges. A large terrace located on the roof is an ideal place for the guests to relax and to enjoy the view of the surroundings including rice fields and wooden areas. The Médicis Hotel also has a restaurant which is given the name of “La Baie Rose” and which serves tasty, original wide-ranging dishes.

Le Refuge Hotel

It’s in an exotic setting not far from the airport of Ivato that Le Refuge Hotel is located. This star establishment offers two types of accommodations to the visitors. Either in the air-conditioned, ventilated double rooms or in the family units that can receive up to four people, the accommodations are of an optimal comfort. In addition, the residents at Le Refuge Hotel can use the piscine to relax after a long flight or a stroll in town. Its restaurant will conquer the most perfectionist gourmets through a range of tasty typical dishes to be savoured in an elegant, cosy setting.

The Sifaka Auberge

The Sifaka Auberge is an inn establishment located at Antanetibe Ivato. Eight rooms are laying out in a calming setting. In addition to the material comfort, with notably the rosewood furniture, the rooms radiate a welcoming atmosphere as if the guests are at home. In addition, its uniqueness is set on its garden full of flowers that the guests can see from the windows of their rooms. The restaurant at the Sifaka Auberge serves mainly the European culinary specialities prepared from the local ingredients. The residents can also have something to eat in its grillroom or its pizzeria. Its bar has a blend of various exotic products which provides exceptional cocktails for meals.

The Vanga Guest House

Established at about ten minutes’ drive from the airport, at 100 metres from the crossroads at Talatamaty , the Vanga Guest House is a guest house constructed in a calming, peaceful setting. Its spacious rooms offer the comfort to the stay as they are fitted with private shower rooms and beds equipped with mosquito nets. Here the breakfast is offered. Eight rooms are ready for the foreigners or the natives on holiday. Either in its double units or its twin rooms and its prestigious suites, the Vanga Guest House can provide extra beds to unite the family members. Its garden full of flowers offers more charm to this establishment which also comprises a catering service.

Ivato, une ville de détente

Connu non seulement pour son aéroport international de grande envergure, Ivato est l’endroit privilégié pour se ressourcer loin de la vie trépidante de la capitale de Madagascar.

Ivato, un endroit paisible

Située à environ 15 kilomètres du centre ville d’Antananarivo, Ivato est l’endroit idéal pour se débarrasser du stress et de l’anxiété d’un long voyage. Rien de mieux qu’une balade en amoureux ou entre amis aux alentours de cette ville si différente des autres.

Ivato, une attraction originale

Le parc zoologique de Croc’Farm, niché dans un gigantesque jardin de verdure à proximité de l’aéroport international Ivato raviront les amoureux de reptiles. Cet unique endroit à Madagascar où 5000 crocodiles voient le jour chaque année recèle les espèces de crocodiles les plus dangereuses de la planète dont le fameux crocodile du Nil.

Ivato, un parc naturel

Constitué d’un îlot central entouré d’une végétation luxuriante de cocotiers et d’hibiscus ainsi que d’une multitude de cascades, Croc’Farm est une véritable forêt tropical en plein centre de Madagascar. Le restaurant principal de la réserve propose par ailleurs les plats les plus originaux qu’il soit dont les succulentes brochettes de crocodile. La boutique qui se dresse également à l’entrée du site propose des articles souvenirs de maroquinerie typiquement malgaches.